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Little Bits of Awesome

Little Bit of Awesome: 28 Days of Positivity

Little Bit of Awesome: 28 Days of Positivity

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Looking to live your best life? A life full of movement, happiness, joy, laughter, love, and positivity?

It only makes sense that you're searching for answers. We live in a world where fear and contention are at an all time high and it leaves a lot of us wondering how we can create true authenticity and joy in our lives when the world around us feels heavy and hard!

The good news is that YOU are in control of YOU and by incorporating powerful positivity into your daily habits, routines, and schedules, you can create the life you want! A life that is FULL! 

Grab your guide to positivity and let us show you how just a little bit of intentionality each day can change your outlook on life, improve the relationship you have with yourself and others around you, and may even put a little "pep in your step", because who wouldn't want that?!

What's included:
  • Daily quotes and affirmations
  • Weekly challenges & themes
  • Daily journal reflection prompts
**Choose from printable version or a "digital" version. Digital version is sized to fit most mobile devices. 

** Full Color, Partial Color & Black and White options available.
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